Hadidi & Co. is a Jordanian law firm established in 2000. It offers a full range of legal services to a diversified client base on all aspects of laws in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. With a vast array of practice areas and a strong performance, the firm has taken a leading position in representing and acting as counsel for a wide spectrum of leading local, regional and international clients. It represents well-known multi-national corporations resident in the United States of America, Europe and the Middle East.

The firm is distinguished by the depth and scope of its legal advisory services as well as the understanding of the business cultures and market norms in the Kingdom. In addition, it possesses rich experience and practical experience to efficiently and competently meet the needs of both international corporations and private investors. The firm includes number of partners, several associates, paralegals as well as support teams. All partners and associates in the firm are highly qualified both academically and practically, which accredits them to represent clients before all Jordanian judicial and governmental bodies. That enables our firm to assist international and local clients with strategic and legal planning in all sectors in the Kingdom

Hadidi & Co. Attorneys and Counselors at Law is one of the leading and active Law Firms in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, established in the year 1999, by Founder and Managing Partner Mr. Rami Al-Hadidi, a practicing Attorney at Law since 1987. The Firm core obligation and focus is to protect the clients interests to the fullest extent possible by law. In addition, the Firm With a sophisticated group of lawyers, is well-prepared to take part in all areas requiring legal advice, offering clients complete support to achieve their goals.

With over 20 years of experience, our team of legal practitioners and professionals continues to provide distinguished and target oriented legal services for a wide array of clients, accomplished at the highest legal service standards. We are focused on serving our clients when and where they need us, and has driven our growth strategy over the past decade. Our Firm is focused to provide legal services for the professional and financial disputes and investment corporations, and our past achievements is an aspire for further growth. We recognize that the rule of law is an essential foundation for economic growth and development and the rule of law should be robust in order that, both the investors and corporations can feel secured and optimistic to invest in Jordan now and in the future.

Our skilled lawyers have a wealthy experience in the areas of litigation, corporate, and commercial practice. Our lawyers employ their skills and experience to efficiently and effectively address the clients’ most complicated legal challenges, our Office is known as one of leading law firms in the legal community in Jordan proven by a track record of accomplishments.

The Firm’s mission is to approach all legal issue through a comprehensive analysis and understanding of the particularities of the case or transaction at hand, taking into account our clientele needs. Thus, the Firm believes in designating specialized legal service through its internal departments, each with its own specialization, in terms of legal practice. Our lawyers are well experienced and well-known attorneys supported with a strong track records of success.

The Firm’s commitment to quality of service, justice and reputation has succeeded in attracting a wide and divers clientele under its umbrella. The Firm is also committed to supporting continuing legal professional development through cooperation endeavors with both public and private sectors though, all aimed at achieving the highest standard of legal service and further solidifying our reputation, level of service and the Firm’s tradition of excellence. With a number of major projects taking place in Jordan, our clients increasingly asked for our legal services on the ground support in the region. Our colleagues in the region provides the perfect base for this support for our clients in the region.

Furthermore, the Firm also renders various legal services on Pro Bono basis, as part of our obligation and commitment towards raising general legal awareness and serving philanthropic endeavors and NGOs.

The Firm has well-established partnership with offices in: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and Lebanon. It also has associate offices in most of the Middle-East countries, North Africa, as well as Western Europe and North America. We have also developed strong ties with relationship law firms in over 20 countries. This network makes us one of the best and most connected law firms in Jordan.

With a vast array of practice areas and a strong performance, Hadidi & Co has taken a leading position in representing and acting as counsel for a wide spectrum of leading local, regional, and international clients. Our success is built on our clients’ success , our track record is reflected in the trust and the quality of the clientele base which we have built and established over the years. Our clients include corporations, financial institutions, local entities and private corporations and individuals. Hadidi & Co. undertakes work for most of the well-known companies in Jordan, and represents more than ten of the top investment companies in Jordan. We represent many of the world’s leading corporations and major aviation carriers, as well as emerging growth companies, Our clients are the well-known leaders in their fields frequently spearheading the boom in commercial and financial developments throughout the region. Often involved in complex matters and proudly act for major corporations and banks, private and public institutions, individuals as well as governmental and quasi-government bodies.

Selecting the right Jordan Law Firm to represent you is a very important decision; if you choose Hadidi & Co you will fell and see the benefits from our distinguished work ethic, prompt action and our dedication to support and personal caring for our clients. Hadidi & Co. is a great family team of attorney(s) and supported by a staff that will work genuine and hard for you from the beginning to the very end of your case. With a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and the industries they operate in, our work is driven by their need for outstanding legal and commercial advice. We are committed to providing each of our clients and their cases with close personal attention and are thankful to be part of our family.