Why US

Why Hadidi & CO

Hadidi & Co is the fastest growing law firm in Jordan in terms of business and internal growth. The company owes much of this success to the high dedication, deep knowledge, and vast experience it has invested in building its strong reputation. Our clients have displayed full confidence in our professional capabilities, as well as in our extensive contacts in the various levels of the business, legal, and governmental sectors.

This has enabled our team to intervene quickly and efficiently on behalf of our clients to follow up on every single detail of their needs. One of our strongest points is the cumulative experience our associates and partners have built in a wide spectrum of practice, coupled with deep knowledge and understanding of related issues and laws. We at Hadidi & Co. take special time to pay attention to the finest details of any job at hand.

Hadidi & Co is not only distinguished by the depth and scope of its legal advisory services, but also by its unmatched experience in the region, particularly in providing legal advisory services in a region that contains a number of emerging countries. The Firm’s lawyers have accumulated experience in investment issues in numerous legal sectors. As a result, the firm is known for its unusual effectiveness in helping clients and accomplishing their objectives in circumstances which other firms find daunting and unfamiliar. Our firm has been approached in many occasions to accomplish sophisticated assignments that other law firms could not even proceed with.

Our knowledge and experience are always available to our clients, and they have access to the capabilities of our lawyers, wherever they are based. As a single partnership, Hadidi & Co functions as an integrated team. Our lawyers are linked by electronic infrastructure that allows them to bring the Firm’s wealth of experience and all its resources to bear on clients’ most demanding business and legal issues promptly and efficiently.

Our law firm provides outstanding services (because there’s no guessing about clients protection and interests). Our project management approach ensures effective planning, communication and genuine cost predictability. Each of our lawyers has been trained in the firm’s project management approach. Therefore, each job we entrusted with will be fully scoped and planned. Further, real efforts is spent in understanding our client’s key commercial issues by agreeingĀ  the preferred manner of resolving the client’s issues.

This approach is driven by constant communication and control in order to ensure the project is delivered in accordance with the clients’ requirements. Strong scoping and review methods as well as regular communication ensure predictability and prevent unexpected situations. Our approach is well established, and its efficiency has been proved. Indeed, our methodology has achieved the best possible outcome agreed at the outset with our clients.

Our firm believes that charges have to be approved in advance by its clients; therefore, our clients expect no charges without their prior written approval. Sometimes there are unexpected turns that can have a serious impact on costs and timescales. If so, the firm will revise the costs and timescales, then agree on them with its clients prior to undertaking ant further work. With project management, the client always remains in control. As part of the initial scoping and planning the firm will ask the clients’ feedback once the assignment is accomplished. Such feedback shall assist our firm to improve its legal services by avoiding any deficiencies and provide better services in the future. This is what Hadidi & Co. means by project management legal service approach backed by rigorous cost control and total accountability, every step of the way.